Founder's Story

The HemptopiaCBD story starts back in November of 2016. Denell Montanya, one of HemptopiaCBD’s co-founders, was experiencing severe abdominal pain. The pain was so bad that she was taken to the emergency room. After she was admitted, the doctors ran a series of tests to find out what was causing Denell so much pain. Eventually, they discovered the source: a softball-sized mass on her right ovary that had ruptured.

Denell’s Diagnosis

Just two days later, Denell went in for emergency surgery to remove the painful mass. The mass was so large that the surgeons had to perform a full hysterectomy, including her ovaries and cervix. They also completed a biopsy on the tissue from her surrounding organs to see if the cancer had spread. The final diagnosis was troubling: Stage III Endometrial Cancer, which had metastasized in her ovary. Denell and her husband, Isaac, were devastated by the diagnosis. But they were determined to fight the disease.

Denell’s Treatment

Denell’s treatment began with chemotherapy in January 2017. Chemotherapy took its toll on Denell’s body. To get rid of the disease that was threatening her life, Denell had to experience even more pain. She lost her hair, was constantly ill, and developed many new health complications. This was in addition to the mental and emotional turmoil of fighting cancer. Doctors prescribed Denell a variety of medicines to cope with these side effects, including pain and nausea medications. But this medicine did little to help Denell feel better. She was still very sick and still constantly in pain. She knew she had to finish her rounds of chemo, but the physical pain it left her in was almost unbearable.

Denell’s Experience with Medical Marijuana

Finally, Denell found an effective treatment: smoking or vaping marijuana. Though she knew this treatment method was controversial, Denell felt immense relief from the chemo’s side effects with marijuana. It did what other medicine couldn’t do:

  • Helped her sleep better
  • Stimulated her appetite
  • Relieved her nausea
  • And soothed her pain.

The only downside of the marijuana use was the psychological effects of the THC. Even though marijuana was helping Denell feel a greater sense of normalcy, it was also holding her back. For example, Denell couldn’t drive when experiencing the marijuana high, which made it more difficult for her to live her everyday life. She wanted to continue experiencing relief from the pain of chemo, but she hated having to get high to experience this. It’s a tough decision that no one should have to make.

How HemptopiaCBD Started

In October 2018, Denell’s health was doing much better. She and her husband Isaac traveled all across the world to visit companies that grew and produced CBD oil in search of the very best CBD oil. After they found these superior establishments, Denell and Isaac partnered with them to start their very own CBD oil company: HemptopiaCBD.

Denell and Isaac’s goal with HemptopiaCBD is to see others all across the world experience the positive power of CBD oil. They know that Denell’s story is not uncommon. Men and women are undergoing chemotherapy every day and experiencing the same challenging side effects that make the treatment difficult. Many of them are unable to find an effective treatment to cope. Many of them have never considered CBD oil—but HemptopiaCBD wants to change that by making CBD oil more accessible than ever before!

How CBD Oil Can Help You, Too

After all the good that CBD oil has done for Denell, Isaac and Denell want other people who used to think there was no hope for their side effects to experience relief. As the face of the CBD industry changes, HemptopiaCBD wants to be a company that everyone can trust. They strive to be transparent with their customers and available as often as possible. Whenever you have questions, HemptopiaCBD encourages you to reach out. Because they’ve been exactly where you are, they can empathize with your situation. Other people in the industry don’t have the same type of personal connection that Denell and Isaac have with CBD oil. They truly care about seeing their customers’ health improve.

More Reasons to Choose HemptopiaCBD

Denell and Isaac are big believers in the power of full-spectrum CBD oil. HemptopiaCBD always uses CO2 extraction because it’s the most effective way to extract all the beneficial parts from the cannabis plant while leaving behind the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. All these cannabinoids and other parts of the plant work together to create the entourage effect, which is essentially all the parts working together for maximum positive results. You won’t be able to get this with CBD isolate, and the effects won’t be as strong. 

HemptopiaCBD operates out of Blue Grass State, Kentucky. Our hemp is 100% US-grown. That means HemptopiaCBD is always in compliance with the FDA’s regulations that keep the cannabis industry safe and thriving. Through every step of the process, HemptopiaCBD rigorously tests its CBD oil so that it’s always pure and the highest quality you can get.

With HemptopiaCBD you always know exactly what you’re getting: high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil from the USA, manufactured by a couple who cares. Order your first bottle today! If you aren’t completely satisfied for any reason, we offer an easy money-back guarantee.